Sponsorship Opportunities


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 Lee County Touchdown Club
P.O. Box 652
Leesburg, GA 31763
Contact the Lee County Touchdown Club for Sponsorship form

Program Ads



Back Cover (color) - $425.00

Inside Cover (color) - $350.00

Full page (color) - $250.00

1/2 page (color) - $175.00

1/4 (color) - $150.00

Full page (b & w) - $195.00

1/2 page (b & w) - $135.00

1/4 page (b & w) - $90.00

1/8 page (business card b & w) - $45.oo

Program Ad Options

  Trojan Profile/ Student “Shout Out” Ad

(Black & White)

Full pg. $100.00
½ pg.   $75.00
¼ pg.   $50.00
1/8 pg.  $25.00 
Deadline for payment and ad material submission is Friday, July 31, 2018.
Profile/Shout-Out Options

  Field Banners


4’ X 6’ Banner placed on the fence around the field

New Sign (b&w)  $250.00

Renewal  $125.00
Sideline Sign- Benches: 5'10" x 2'8" Table 4'9 1/2" x 3'2" 
$500 each

Premium Signs

Full color 4’ x 8’ sign near home bleachers, price includes having sign made – limited space!        




Scoreboard Sign

This is the most viewed sign in the stadium!!!

Price includes having sign made – never been offered before!


Banner & Sign Options



Jumbotron Advertisements

Pop-up ad $600

Commercials $2,500

(Price based on number of home games)






Ad runs for entire year!

1/2 Page  $500.00

1/4 Page  $250.00
1/8 Page  $150.00
Jumbotron/Website Options


Game Sponsors

Includes: May provide giveaways at the gate and special announcements made during game!

You can choose which home game to sponsor – first come, first serve!

1 game - $1,000.00 


Kick-Offs, Punts, Touchdowns & First Downs


With each of these, the announcer will name your business as the sponsor. For example, “That is another Trojan Touchdown sponsored by xxxxx.”  This is an excellent way to market your business name!

First Downs $3,000 whole game/$1,500 half game

Touchdowns $750.00

Kick-offs $500.00
Punts $500.00
Coin Toss $250.00
Kick-offs/Punts/TDs/1st Downs


 Package Deals


If you are interested in more than one of these opportunities, please contact Steve Glover,

Booster Club President (229) 407-3077, to discuss special Package Pricing to get the most out of your advertising dollars.